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Brian Stuart-Nairne is your dental prosthetist at Beerwah. A Hinterland local, he and his family have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 40 years.

Highly experienced, Brian has been practising dental prosthetics on the Coast for over 35 years and is a qualified BPS provider which is the most advanced denture system available today. He also brings over 30 years experience in implant dentistry to the practice.

The Beerwah Denture Clinic provides the latest, most advanced dentures available today. The clinic is fitted with an in-house dental laboratory to provide you with the best available dental care in the shortest possible time.

Our friendly and experienced team are more than happy to discuss your denture needs with you.

Dentures are our Specialty

Are your dentures causing trouble? Problem dentures can cause lots of discomfort and may seriously impact your quality of life.

Real Results:

Beerwah Dentures - Better Dentures

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Poor Dentures May Cause:

  • Lost smile
  • Pain and and discomfort
  • Poor chewing efficiency
  • Lost confidence

Good Dentures Result In:

  • Improved confidence
  • Improved smile
  • Improved comfort
  • Improved appearance