Implant Retained Dentures – for increased stability and comfort


Dental Implants are Titanium pins that are placed into the jaw bone by a surgeon, to which a removable denture is fitted. Generally, full upper dentures are very successful but full lower dentures may be less successful because, due to shrinkage, very little gum remains to stabilize the denture no matter how well it is made and fitted.

In general lower dentures have:

  1. Smaller footprint –less support
  2. No suction possible
  3. Tendency to be unstable
  4. Constantly moving
  5. Food (eg. Nuts, Seeds, etc) end up under the lower denture

Implants provide stability to a lower denture and can be removed for cleaning.

Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

  1. Improved stability
  2. Improved comfort
  3. Improved chewing
  4. Increased social confidence